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What's on Your Toddler's Mind

A Roadmap to Toddler Thinking and Behavior
Sprecher: Ken Maxon
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 2 Min.

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Wouldn't it be useful to know how infants and toddlers differ mentally from adults and how your experience during the first few years of life affects your experience as an adult? What's on Your Toddler's Mind: A Roadmap to Toddler Thinking and Behavior provides answers to those questions. Fascinating aspects of infant development, such as how an infant comes to develop a sense of self are addressed.

Toddlers are eternally fascinating and frustrating. This audiobook explains the causes, and developmental benefits, of the two-year-old's messiness, negativism, motor restlessness and boundless energy, behaviors that tend to drive parents crazy.

With humor and understanding Calvin Colarusso M.D. , child psychiatrist, brings his fifty years of experience of helping parents of infants and toddlers maximize their child's developmental potential and enjoy the heck out of the experience.

Think of this book as a fascinating source of knowledge of early child development that is filled with examples of situations that every parent of infants and toddlers experiences and suggestions for how to manage them. And as a bonus, learn something about yourself!

What's on Your Toddler's Mind: A Roadmap to Toddler Thinking and Behavior includes the following:

  • A definition of development
  • A description of the developmental phases of the life cycle
  • The emergence of a sense of self
  • The absolutely essential role of good-enough parenting
  • Sexual identity formation
  • The effect of parental absences on early development
  • Toilet training
  • The role of frustration and gratification
  • The importance of caring, nurturing breast and bottle feeding
©2012 Calvin A. Colarusso, M.D. (P)2012 Calvin A. Colarusso, M.D.


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