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    Sure we like the roses, the sweeping music, and the violins. Sometimes, though, we really love the idea of things getting very, very intense! In this collection of five explicit erotica stories from BJ Hardcore Erotica Press, there's not a great deal of romance but there's plenty of hard and fast fantasy! In this collection, new experiences aren't gentle but they sure are hot! It's all just a few clicks away, so fire up your Kindle or other device and prepare for a bumpy ride!

    • 1. "Gangbanged by the Cops" by Alice Farney
    • 2. "Carol's Coffeehouse Double Team!" by Jael Long
    • 3. "Getting Pleasure from Patti" by Paige Jamey
    • 4. "Cruel Mistress" by Brooke Weldon
    • 5. "Lisa's Little Whore" by Allysin Range

    ©2013 BJ Hardcore Erotica Press (P)2014 Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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