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    There may not be an explicit erotica writer out there naughtier than Nancy Brockton, and this collection of five hardcore sex shorts makes that pretty clear. If you’re looking for rough and reluctant first anal sex, double team sex with double penetration, or even gangbang sex, you’ll find it in this smoking hot collection. There’s even first lesbian sex! Nancy Brockton…as naughty as they come.

    "Doctor, Don't!: A Reluctant Anal Sex with Her Doctor Short" (Doctor/Patient Sex Encounters)

    Constance Johnston is happy to have her divorce finalized, and as she embarks on her new life, she starts out with an examination by her doctor. It all starts innocently enough, but pretty soon, the doctor wants to check more than her temperature! It’s not a tongue depressor he shoves into her mouth, and it’s not a thermometer he rams into her ass. It’s a rough and reluctant first anal sex encounter between this doctor and his sexy patient, and Constance may never be the same!

    "Calling in a Specialist: Double Penetration at the Doctor’s Office" (Doctor/Patient Sex Encounters)

    Suzie is finally pressured by her sister and her sister’s friend into going to the doctor’s office for a breast exam. She gets there, and things seem normal until the beautiful Nurse Marigold straps her to the exam table with her feet up in the stirrups. Suddenly, Suzie is in the midst of a reluctant mff threesome with the Nurse and the handsome doctor. But it doesn’t stop there because the doctor calls in another doctor, and while she’s strapped down, she gets her very first anal sex experience, in the form of a rough and reluctant double penetration!

    "Send the Kids to the Sitter: A MILF Gangbang Erotica Story" (First Gang Bang)

    Kaitlyn’s life is hectic, especially with her ex-husband travelling so that he can’t help with her rambunctious kids. So, when she gets them to a sitter for a much deserved break, she’s more than a little irritated when some college boys show up at her door right when she’s ready to take a bath. They’re selling knick knacks, and always a bit of pushover, she scans the catalog. Of course, she didn’t know she’d be getting more than household goods! This MILF is going to get four hard cocks! Her first gangbang might start out with reluctant sex, but by the time these boys have introduced her to double team sex and her first anal sex, she’s a ready and willing customer.

    "Do You Need Some Company?: Valerie’s First Lesbian Sex Experience" (First Lesbian Sex Experiences)

    When Val comes to pick up her friend Trini to go on a shopping date, her inconsiderate friend is nowhere to be found. Pressed for time, she explores the house where she finds her in the bathroom…and she’s masturbating! The shopping trip is out the window and Val is in the shower for her very first lesbian experience! Val cannot resist and joins Trini for some lesbian shower sex.

    "Taken at the Doctor's Office: A Reluctant Threesome Doctor/Patient Sex Short" (Doctor/Patient Sex Encounter)

    Alyssa just has a little bit of a cough and some sniffles, so she doesn’t expect much attention, but the doctor and nurse who take her case have other ideas. Suddenly, Alyssa is thrust right into her first lesbian sex experience in the middle of a hard and reluctant mff threesome complete with forced deepthroat and plenty of rough sex. It’s a doctor/patient sex encounter hot enough to burn your speakers!

    Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of various rough and reluctant sexual encounters.

    ©2012 Nuaghty Daydreams Press (P)2020 Naughty Daydreams Audio

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