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    Do you struggle with losing weight? Have you tried several diets but only ended up disappointed or unhappy? Are you worried that you would fail again?

    Discover the secrets of hypnosis and let it change your lifestyle completely.

    Imagine you wake up every day happy and full of energy. You don't have any sugar cravings and depression drains your energy no more. You are healthy, confident, and a living inspiration to your kids, family, or friends. Finally, you can fit into your old favorite dress and your sex appeal rises as well. People see your attitude is changing and so is your body....

    Your subconscious mind has some beliefs about losing weight. Hypnosis is a powerful and effective therapeutic technique because it can reprogram these subconscious beliefs in only one to three weeks.

    In this book, we will help you relax your mind and body while working with your brainwaves to help you lose weight faster by using suggestions and affirmations.

    This audiobook will help you to:

    • Stop emotional eating or overeating.
    • Choose healthier meals.
    • Let go of unhealthy habits.
    • Balance your hormonal levels.
    • Reduce risks such as obesity, heart disease, or blood pressure.
    • Boost your metabolism naturally.
    • Create motivation for exercise.
    • Change your daily habits.
    • Find that confidence “glow” and self-esteem.
    • Clear your body and mind.
    • Think positive.
    • Lose weight as a result of all the above.

    All these benefits you will get by listening to the five hypnosis sessions in this audiobook that cover the most important pillars of weight loss. Make sure to get the book and see what the pillars are!

    For the next 30 days, you will listen to any of the sessions at least once a day, and sooner or later you will notice your attitude will change and we guarantee your body will follow.

    When to use hypnosis for weight loss?

    • If you tried many diets and none of them seemed to work
    • If you lost your weight in the past but experienced the yo-yo effect
    • If you lost your weight but can't get rid of the last stubborn belly or thigh fat
    • If you feel your willpower is not strong enough
    • If you “don't want to be alone” in this process of weight loss - hypnotist will be your mentor
    • If you feel stressed
    • If you are a professional procrastinator - suggestions will reprogram that in your mind as well

    Note that you don't need to do any bizarre practices. Just open your mind and let the suggestions reprogram your mind to love healthy food, develop an intense passion for exercise, and get a healthy and skinny body that you always dreamed of.

    If you take into account that just one session with a hypnotherapist costs around $150 and for weight loss you'll need a minimum of eight weekly sessions, it may cost you thousands of dollars.

    But we have a great deal for you! Five hypnosis sessions by a therapist trained specifically in hypnotherapy for weight loss, all in one audiobook, that you can listen to whenever you want and as long as it's required.

    ©2020 Daily Secrets (P)2020 Daily Secrets

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