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    A clear and compelling discussion of how the church can better reach, support and champion black congregation members.  

    From the UK church’s complicity in the transatlantic slave trade to the whitewashing of Christianity throughout history, the church has a lot to answer for when it comes to race relations. Christianity has been dubbed the white man’s religion, yet the Bible speaks of an impartial God and shows us a diverse body of believers.  

    It’s time for the church to start talking about race. Ben Lindsay offers eye-opening insights into the black religious experience, challenging the status quo in white majority churches. Filled with examples from real-life stories, including his own, and insightful questions, this book offers a comprehensive analysis of race relations in the church in the UK and shows us how we can work together to create a truly inclusive church community.  

    About the author: Ben Lindsay is a pastor at Emmanuel Church London. He is passionate about inclusion and wants to see a racially diverse church that better serves and represents the local context. Ben is CEO and founder of Power the Fight, a charity empowering communities to end youth violence. He has a background working in local government and the charity sector. This is his first book.

    ©2019 Ben Lindsay, SPCK (P)2019 SPCK, Spokenworld Audio & Ladbroke Audio Ltd


    "Ben Lindsay’s book is a must-listen for the UK church. He is lucid, punchy and deeply honest about the issue of racism in the UK today, and in the UK church. It is my prayer that we heed this call and respond together to the mandate to challenge discrimination in all its forms." (Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury)

    "This is one of the most important books to be written in recent years and is essential reading for every Christian and especially every church leader in the UK. Ben puts on speakerphone the voices of people of colour which are often whispered or silent and invites us to listen." (Selina Stone, Lecturer in Political Theology, St Mellitus College)

    "Too often Christians have assumed that being colour blind is the best way to approach race and ethnicity in the church. Ben Lindsay’s compelling book opens our eyes to this naivety and challenges us to be willing to have a more serious conversation. At this critical moment in our national life where race, immigration and the UK’s relationship with the world is being negotiated, this important and timely book needs to be discussed and acted upon."(Dr Krish Kandiah: Founding Director, Home for Good, author of God Is Stranger)  

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