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    Fall in love with all three Way of the Immortals books in one easy box set!

    Dragged into an unknown world by a dangerous portal, Nick Barnette and his friends get torn from their lives. Separated and disoriented, Nick is pursued by powerful forces he doesn’t understand before he can even catch his breath.

    Discovering a powerful but unreliable ability, Nick must cultivate this new strength in order to reunite with his friends and get them all home. All while fighting for his life at every turn.

    His quest will take him all across this treacherous world, from the forests to the mountains, across deadly deserts, and perilous seas.

    Bringing a fresh perspective to the Kingdom of Lhasa, Nick might be the most unconventional hero this world has ever seen - and the entrenched powers-that-be are definitely not going to let him run unchecked.

    Way of the Immortals is a fast-paced cultivation series weaving Bhutanese and Tibetan lore into a novel that xianxia, wuxia, LitRPG, and progression fantasy listeners will love.

    ©2020 Harmon Cooper (P)2020 Harmon Cooper

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