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    A steamy contemporary romance fiction....

    Virgin Husband & Wife features Annika is a 25-year-old Russian doll who is trapped in the grip of tradition. No sex before marriage, and no marriage unless her parents approve of it. Still a virgin, Annika wonders if she will ever leave home and experience what it is like to have sex. That is until she meets a man named Greg on a dating site. Greg talks to her about everything - what it’s like living in America and how they could form the perfect life together. Being away from her religious family would grant her the freedom that she always wanted. 

    But freedom comes at a cost. Leaving home against the wishes of her parents means that she risks excommunication. Meanwhile, she has to fit into American life and deal with the ramifications of moving in with a stranger who is several years her senior. To anyone outside of the relationship, it looks like a clear-cut case of kidnapping. Her family thinks she’s crazy. 

    Find out what Greg does to keep Annika in the US and find out what he is hiding from her. 

    Check out my new steamy contemporary romance fiction!

    ©2019 Sylvia Tara Dyer (P)2019 Sylvia Tara Dyer

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