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    The UN peacekeeping force is in tatters...

    ...but China remains.

    The American people finally rally to defense of their own country. Can the effects of the disinformation campaign be rectified?

    The world has never seen America’s wrath like this before.

    The United States reveals a new superweapon and threatens to use it to settle the score, but China is waging a new type of total war. The insidious details of the Q program are revealed to the world stage, inciting widespread rage.

    It’s time for payback.

    The global conspiracy to topple America is finally exposed, and its leaders are systematically hunted down by Task Force Avenger. The stage is set for the final clash between the last remaining world powers, China and America.

    Will new allies emerge?

    If you love fast-paced action and political intrigue, you’ll love this fourth installment of the Falling Empires Series.

    Get it now.

    The Falling Empires Series is best listened to in order, as each book builds upon the previous work. The listening order is as listed:

    • Book One: Rigged
    • Book Two: Peacekeepers
    • Book Three: Invasion
    • Book Four: Vengeance
    • Book Five: Retribution
    ©2020 James Rosone (P)2020 James Rosone

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