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    Have you always wanted to travel and see the world, but your financial situation held you back?

    Could you imagine travelling on a limited budget but earning while you go?

    Are you ready to take a look at a new way of living?

    There are countless millions of people who would list travel as being one of their greatest loves. Jetting off on vacation somewhere exotic, exploring a beautiful city or relaxing on an idyllic beach; that snapshot of luxury and something different is what many of us work towards all year. Far fewer of us make travelling a lifestyle choice and really see the world, but now you can find out just how feasible this idea is.

    In this book, VanLife: Learn Financial Intelligence Whilst Travelling the World, you can discover exactly what it takes to live a life on the road, with chapters that cover:

    • Accepting your circumstances
    • The facts about #VanLifeMovement
    • How much does van life cost?
    • The challenges you may face
    • The 52 best travel tips after 20 years of travelling the world
    • Thirty ways to make money while you travel
    • Taking children with you
    • Thirty-five amazing places to visit in the United States
    • The most beautiful places to visit in Africa
    • And much more....

    Crammed full of great tips and advice that include safety, security, and making sure you get the most out of any trip, Van Life is book that could only have been written from a wealth of experience.

    If seeing the world, one road at a time, sounds like it's for you, then get a copy of this amazing book now and start planning your trip!

    ©2020 Anthony Damsey (P)2020 Anthony Damsey

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