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    Australia's greatest escape stories from two world wars.

    Australia's Greatest Escapes is a collection of stories about the most hazardous aspect of the prisoner of war experience - escape. Here is all the adventure, suspense, and courage of ordinary Australians who defied their captors; men who tunneled to freedom, crawled through stinking drains, or clawed a passage beneath barbed wire in a desperate attempt to flee captivity.   

    They were willing to risk the odds and even death in the loneliest war of all - the fight to be free. Each possessed in spades the noble qualities of boldness, resourcefulness, cunning, determination, and mateship we have come to admire about our Australian service men and women under adversity.   

    Featuring stories of Australian POWs from all theaters of war, including one who fled a German work camp during World War I, another involved in a mass tunnel escape from a notorious Italian camp, and an airman who brazenly attempted to steal a German fighter and fly it back to England. We also relive the tragic saga of the Sandakan death marches in which six Australian escapees became the only survivors from 2,000 POWs, and we follow the perilous journeys to freedom undertaken by Australian infantrymen following the appalling massacre of their fellow soldiers on the Japanese-held island of Ambon. 

    ©2020 Colin Burgess (P)2020 Simon & Schuster Australia

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