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How do you chat to someone accused of a savage murder? Or prepare a court case? Or sway a jury?  

Step into the shoes of criminal barrister William Clegg as he meets clients in prison, works out weaknesses in the other side case, and confronts witnesses at tense trials.  

In a revealing memoir, he revisits 14 of his most intriguing briefs, from the murder charge facing Colin Stagg to the shooting of Jill Dando, to the first prosecution under the Nazi war crimes act, and the burglar jailed for life by an earprint.  

All the while he lays bare the secrets of his profession, from the rivalry among barristers to the moments before a verdict comes back and how system of justice risks jailing you wrongly. Under the Wig is for anyone who wants to know the reality of fighting a murder trial. Switch off the TV drama and plunge into the criminal law in action.  

©2018 William Clegg (P)2018 Canbury Press


"This is a gripping memoir from one of our country's greatest jury advocates, offering a fascinating, no-holds-barred tour behind the scenes of some of the most famous criminal cases of modern times." (The Secret Barrister)

"Bill Clegg's memoir draws on some of the most high-profile criminal prosecutions to illuminate the career of a defence lawyer at the peak of his success. Unlike many works of this genre, he eschews endless exchanges with long-forgotten judges, lawyers and villains. Like the successful jury advocate that he is, he reduces his story to its essence and speaks without bombast and braggadocio.... an unforgettable legal memoir." (Joshua Rozenberg QC, legal commentator)

"One of England's best barristers provides a fascinating sometimes hilarious combination of a personal odyssey and insider accounts of the most important and famous court cases of recent times." (Bob Marshall-Andrews, QC)

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