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Undeniable Attractions: The Too Bad Series Contemporary Romance Box Set

Autor: Emma Vikes
Spieldauer: 11 Std. und 9 Min.

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A Collection of four amazing contemporary love stories that will blow your mind and melt your listening device.

Book 1: Too Bad... I Couldn't Resist:

She is mine to be pleasured. She is mine to be claimed. And she is mine to be taught... 

Susan is completely off limits. She is a student from my freshman lectures. 

But one look at her perfect hourglass figure and that infectious warm smile that lit the entire room and I know I'm in trouble.

The more I want to resist, the deeper the attraction goes into my veins.

And the moment she kisses me, all the rational thoughts and inhibitions leave me forever. I know my successful career will be at stake, but I don't give a damn. I will break all the rules to make her mine forever.

Book 2: Too Bad... It's Complicated:

Britney Baldwin, the gorgeous golden-haired daughter of Senator Christopher Baldwin and the future heiress of Baldwin Stocks is undeniably attractive. But I can't stop thinking about her.

She is epitome of grace, beauty, and sensuality. And every time my eyes land on her, all I can think is how to make her mine.

I know that acting on whatever feelings I have for Brit will be my downfall because she is my step sister.

But one event.

One announcement.

One night of mourning of her heartbreak leads us to bed, probably fueled by liquid courage or by our own insatiable desires for each other that we both have kept hidden for so many years.

We decide that it will remain an untold secret between us, but there's something I need to hide from her - a bigger secret!

What is it?

Book 3: Too Bad... We Didn't Realize

First day of college and I had already made an enemy of one of my classmate, thanks to his rude and impetuous self. Now years down the line, not only has he become my best friend, but also the person I rely on the most in this world.

And that's why when I find myself in a conflict of emotions thanks to the marriage proposal from my boyfriend. There's only one person I can turn to, my best friend Damian. This sets in motion a series of events that changes my outlook on everything. I also realize that I might have more feelings for Damian than I would like to admit. And so begins my dilemma. 

Do I maintain the status quo? Or do I take the risk and reveal my true feelings for Damian in the hope that he feels the same way?

Book 4: Too Bad... I Screwed It

I have a declaration - My life sucks.

Yes, you heard me right.

My marriage has crashed; I am jobless and kind of clueless what I am going to do to get myself back in the right track. But miracle happens, right?

Just when I thought there is no hope to put the pieces of my life back, I meet Mike Gordon - General Manager of Alpha Consults and my new boss. Well, I call him as Mr. Perfectionist. His impeccable work ethics, relentless efforts and in-depth knowledge in the field of business helped him to rise up the corporate ladder quicker than any of his peers. And don't even ask me how jaw-dropping and drool-worthy look he has.

I never thought I will trust any other men with my heart when I came to know about my ex-husband's affair, especially so soon after my divorce.

My focus should be on my dream job which I absolutely L-O-V-E, right?

But it's so difficult to not fall under Mike's spell when we are working on a same project.

©2019 Emma Vikes (P)2020 Emma Vikes

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