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  • Ultimate Money Guide to NFT Investing - Non-Fungible token (NFT) for Beginners and Beyond

  • Easy Step by Step Guide Using Cryptocurrency in Blockchain to Make, Buy, Sell, Trade, and Invest in NFT Crypto
  • Von: InvestingWizard Press
  • Gesprochen von: Kelly Rhodes
  • Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 30 Min.
  • Ungekürztes Hörbuch
  • Kategorien: Wirtschaft & Karriere, Erfolg im Beruf

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    Are you in this NFT gold rush? If not, you could be missing the biggest opportunity of our time.

    Recently, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made headlines selling the first-ever tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million. In March 2021, The "Everydays-The first 5000 Days NFT" from the digital artist- Beeple has been sold for an astonishing $69 million.

    This is the $1 Trillion Opportunity you won't want to miss.

    You've probably heard about by now: Non-fungible tokens, or NFT's for short. Today, we are standing at the precipice of change. NFT market brings you the unique opportunity that you could start making money from things that were once untradable - digital music, art, and even your tweets on Twitter. Also, even the traditional world of physical art and collectibles is joining the NFT revolution.

    This is a market you need to know.

    However, what exactly are NFTs? Of course, most importantly, how can regular investors, like you and me, get in early enough to make big profits?

    The Ultimate Money Guide to NFT Investing covers almost everything you will need to know about NFTs, whether you are a digital artist, collector, trader, or investor.

    In this guide, you will learn:

    • The basics of NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrency
    • How to choose Crypto Wallets to get started investing NFTs
    • How to value NFTs
    • Step-by-step instructions on creating NFTs
    • Everything that matters to you when you buy NFTs
    • How to Sell, Trade, and Swap NFTs
    • Other possible ways to generate revenue from NFTs
    • Optional ways that you can get exposed to NFTs if you are not in the NFT ecosystem 24/7
    •  Major NFT Investing risks and scams that you want to avoid
    • And more.

    Let's rock the NFT investment!

    get your guide today!

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