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Ultimate Beginners Guide for Running: How to Train Yourself Step by Step for 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or Full Marathon

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To many people, running is the path to a better lifestyle.

Running isn’t always a race; it’s a way to a better life.

Completing your first running event is a challenging yet massively rewarding experience that will set you up for ongoing health and fitness success. Although many are scared to take their first steps in running, below are some handy hints and tips for anyone looking to take the plunge and become a runner.

First things first: shoes. Shoes are essential to ensuring you are in the least amount of pain possible when running. Search far and wide for a nice comfortable pair of shoes that fit you to a tee. There is nothing worse than running is a bad pair of shoes! This will be one of your best investments when it comes to regular running. It is important to get properly fitted. This is vital for injury prevention and improved performance.

Map out a course before you run. Don't give yourself the chance to use the excuse of "I don't have anywhere to run" or "I can't do it". Set a track that is within your level of ability, and gradually increase the distance as you improve on your times and pace.

F.I.T: find a regular FREQUENCY to run, a comfortable but testing INTENSITY, and a reasonable TIME for when you run. Thirty to sixty minutes is he ideal duration for a beginner to start with.

Find a pace: Most people who have not run much before struggle to find a consistent pace they can sustain for a long period of time. They often go too hard, with the end result being fatigue and them being forced to stop due to exhaustion. It is recommended to start slower and build up as opposed to starting fast and forcing yourself to stop.

Follow a program: Following a measurable program, such as the ones designed on VVT, will ensure healthy progression and accountability to improvement. Following a program will also reduce the risk of injury as rest will always be taken into consideration.

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