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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Ukulele for Beginners in 30 Minutes or Less!
Sprecher: Wayne Chin
Spieldauer: 36 Min.

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Start Your Musical Journey to Mastering the Ukulele

Learn everything you need to know about the ukulele and the basics on how to play it so that you can become a pro in playing this fun and jovial instrument.

This audiobook is for people of all ages, races, and places who want to learn how to play the ukulele in a few simple and easy steps. This will surely be a joyful book to listen to for those of you who think that it's not yet too late to learn a new instrument or to start playing one. The ukulele is a great companion, and learning how to play it is as fun as the beats and melodies that this instrument makes.

You will learn everything that you have to and would like to learn about the ukulele with the help of this book. We will start with the basic information about the ukulele - what it is, where it originated, and what are its parts. And then, we will progress into learning the different techniques and tips that will help you master the art of playing the ukulele and guarantee you the ability to play the ukulele effortlessly and beautifully.

By the time you finish listening to this book, you will know how to strum the instrument properly and basically know how to play it well. You will also be taught how to choose the right ukulele as well as how to tune it, so that it can emit the perfect beautiful sound. And lastly, you will also learn the basic chords used in playing the ukulele, so that you can play any song that you want to play and hear.

Why you must have this book:

  • In this book, you will learn how to scrutinize and choose the perfect ukulele that will become your companion in your musical journey to ukulele success.
  • This book will teach you the steps on how to properly tune your ukulele.
  • In this book you will learn how to strum the strings of the ukulele.

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