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    Are you looking for a good beginners guide to learn Ukrainian?
    Do you have Ukrainian roots? Do you want to visit Ukraine?

    The reality is that if you know Ukrainian, it will make your trip and experience in Ukraine 10 times better. People love to hear foreigners speak their local language, and Ukrainian is no different. People will open up and smile more if you can speak a little bit of this beautiful and rare language. Ukraine is a beautiful country that is often overlooked. Ukraine has a majestic and stunning landscape, striking medieval architecture, and a rich history.  Sadly, due to the Soviet Occupations of Ukraine, Ukraine and the Ukrainian language has not had the publicity it deserves.

    I am a very proud Ukrainian who loves Ukraine and the Ukrainian language and want to make sure that this language is learned by as many people as possible. I am a Ukrainian linguist with various higher education degrees in Ukrainian, and I spent most of my life studying and teaching the language. I have worked with hundreds of happy foreign students in the last 20 years. My experience has helped me figure out what is the best way to learn this very difficult language. This is why I have laid out my life’s work in teaching Ukrainian to foreign students to create a simple and understandable audiobook that will help someone learn the basics of Ukrainian in the fastest time possible. Ukrainian is an extremely hard language; that’s why a simple and well-thought-out guide is the best way to learn Ukrainian.

    If you are ready to learn Ukrainian now, grab this audiobook and take the first steps to get the most out of your Ukrainian experience!

    ©2019 D.A.L. (P)2019 D.A.L.

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