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    This collection is filled with lovely heroines enjoying special first experiences like first lesbian sex, threesomes, and more. Of course, since one of the stories is a sexy vampire erotica story, you can throw paranormal sex into the mix! This collection is just a click away so download now and it can be on your kindle in seconds.

    Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, group sex, first anal sex, reluctant sex, and more. Only mature adults who won't find that offensive should listen to this collection.

    1. Flying to Andi: An FFM Threesome Erotica Story by Amy Dupont

    It was wonderful to get a chance to meet Andi face to face, but I was surprised that the online flirting we'd done carried over into real life. I'd never been a woman, and never expected to. When she took control, though, I not only had my first lesbian sex but also a scorching threesome with a hunk of a man!

    2. Stranger without a Name: A Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Barbara Vanaman

    For the past few years, I've been trying to get over the death of my husband by picking up men at bars and engaging in meaningless sex. I get to have pretend intimacy and they get...well, they get me. This time is different though. This man is different. Where others let me give, this man simply takes, and before long I'm lost in the power of his approach. He takes me. He takes me completely and gives me my first anal sex experience. He takes me and finally the night isn't meaningless at all.

    3. Nora's Vampire: A Paranormal Erotica Short Story by Cassiopea Trawley

    Nora is a young art student far more interested in sketches and painting than love, but she can't get the strange man across the street out of her mind.

    ©2014 Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press (P)2015 Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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