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    Policemen are trained to respond logically and rationally in moments of stress - they have a very stressful job wherein they are seen as de facto villains for both criminals as well as the people they are protecting. They often, to their detriment, represent the ruling class, causing them to not have many admirers.

    It is thus interesting to see the number of accounts reported by policemen that hint at a paranormal entity, as this seems to be an aberration with respect to their usual personality.

    At this point it is difficult to explain why human beings are so enraptured by the paranormal - perhaps it is a product of millennia of evolution that has led to us surviving, and thriving, on this planet. Perhaps we can come to a better understanding with regards to this question at the end of this book, which is an attempt to chronicle a few varied and interesting police encounters with seemingly paranormal activity.

    The purpose of this book is primarily as an interest piece, but also with the intention to arouse a sense of curiosity in the listener towards possible solutions to these mysteries.

    Both supernatural and rational conclusions will be presented in this book, with the intention not of foisting an opinion on the listener, but of exposing the listener to a myriad number of ways in which the supernatural is said to have influenced our world....

    ©2017 William Myron Price (P)2017 William Myron Price

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