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Since the beginning of time, we have seen instances when the sanctity of human life has been tarnished and blood has been spilled. The Biblical story of Cain and Abel is itself a testament to the fact mankind can be open to horrible acts of cruelty against each other and also against one’s own soul. 

Most of these instances have been fueled by human motives such as revenge or jealousy. But sometimes, through the course of history, some people have violated this sanctity and derived pleasure out of the cruelty of their ways. 

They have shown absolutely no moral repulsion for their actions and thus become some of the most famous people on Earth for their ruthless spillage of blood that left them completely devoid of all human compassion. 

This audiobook explores the stories of just a few in an effort to understand the workings of their minds and the true psychology of a killer.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

  • The vicious case of the vampire killer
  • The cold case of the mysterious zodiac killer
  • The crazy soap-maker killer, Leonarda Cianciulla
  • The psychotic toy-box killer
  • The Black Dahlia cold-case murders
  • What makes the human race want to kill?
  • Much, much more!

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If true murder stories of serial killers and psychotic criminals interest you, then grab this audiobook now!

©2015 Brody Clayton (P)2018 Brody Clayton

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