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True Love: Selection of Romance Short Stories

The Starting Point - Before the Fall - Funny Love - Believer
Autor: Amanda Howe
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 24 Min.

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A collection of four short stories by Amanda Howe:

  • The Starting Point
  • Before the Fall
  • Funny Love
  • Believer

The Starting Point: Love in the Spotlight

Penelope Frank’s political ambitions aren’t small in the least, and when an opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, she is determined to take it so she can make the country she loves a better place. However, presenting herself as a candidate means that the public will delve into her personal life and those of the people she loves, and she fears that it could drive a wedge between her and her beloved husband Gray. Can Penelope and Gray survive the spotlight or will it tear down everything they hold dear?

Before the Fall: Teach Me How to Kiss

Anita’s first summer as an adult, floating aimlessly in the short time before college and after graduating from high school, is just as uneventful as she expected – that is until she runs into Mr. Harrod, a handsome and sophisticated teacher who caught her attention. Although their love wouldn’t be forbidden any longer, Anita is unsure if she should make a move. Would the platonic nature of their past relationship interfere with the present?

Funny Love: What She Really Wants?

Carlina has been in love with Jason for as long as she can remember, but telling someone who the world thinks is your best friend that you love him is more difficult than she anticipated. Losing herself in a physical attraction is easy and her friend-with-benefits Eric provides her with temporary solace, but can it make up for she really wants?

Believer: A Childhood Promise

Belinda and Alex have been inseparable since they were children growing up in the same town, and their foray into competitive ballroom dancing drew them even closer. A childhood promise to be with each other forever comes up decades later, when they've finally achieved their Dancesport dreams.

©2019 Amanda Howe (P)2020 Amanda Howe


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