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True Crime Box Set

True Murder Mysteries, Missing Persons Cases and Cannibal Killers
Autor: Jason Keeler
Sprecher: Michael Hatak
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 7 Min.

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Murder mysteries, missing persons cases and cannibal killers are all things that will make you think of some of the most interesting true crime cases in our history.

The cases I am going to present to you today in this book are not so much about divinity or superstition as they are about simply murder and butchery. They are the stories of some of the strangest and most gruesome killers, missing persons cases and cannibalism.

Murder Mysteries: Over the years there have been several incidences which have left a big question mark in our history. In this book, we have compiled a list of the world's most profound mysteries that have been befuddling us for years.

Missing Persons: We often see flyers like this everywhere - but the thing is, their stories are almost predictable. It could be a hyperactive child that got lost, or maybe it was an adult with a mental problem. An old person suffering from Alzheimer's is also a common victim.

But what if your loved one disappeared all of a sudden and you couldn't find a plausible explanation as to why it happened? They were perfectly well, in sound mind and in good physical condition - but where did they go?

Cannibalism: In the simplest of terms, cannibalism is eating the flesh of another human being. It does sound rather gruesome, doesn't it? To eat another person is an unthinkable idea for most people, and yet, did you know that it is a practice that has existed from the time our ancestors were still nomadic hunter-gatherers?

©2015 Jason Keeler (P)2016 Jason Keeler

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