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    In the not too distant future, a forgotten land is inhabited by two rival tribes. A mysterious human-like race of people remain hidden in their mountain city, secretly watching over the land. Ezra, a soldier of the Trillurian Capital, ventures into the Teran desert, the home of Kai, a hunter of the Sektarian tribe. Their altercation leads to a discovery that begins a nonstop, heart-pounding chain of events that reveals the secrets of their history.

    Atherial, an Empyrean woman trying to prove herself to her leaders, destined to join the elite guardians of the mountain, comes face to face with the rival tribes. The three meet and soon realize their discoveries will send them on a quest to seek out an even greater enemy. Hear, feel, and experience every emotion of Ezra, a soldier of the Trillurian Capital; Kai, a Sektarian hunter; and Atherial, an Empyrean of the Meridian Mountains.

    “Their embarrassment was our success!” 

    Welcome to the Uprising!

    ©2018 R. J. Chavez (P)2019 R. J. Chavez

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