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  • Tonalito: A fairy tale of a mexican conch shell by Arturo Pantaleón

  • Geschrieben von: Arturo Pantaleón
  • Gesprochen von: Tom Maguire
  • Spieldauer: 56 Min.

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    This fairy tale takes a fantasy trip into a different world, where music is the synthesis of Indian, Latin American and European rhythms. It describes an epoch musically, which cultural values are based upon the believe in "masters" (gods) and rituals and reach out into modern Mexico, the Land of Aztlán.

    Tonalito, the little sea shell, represents the cult of the Indian world and preserves the mystery of the spiral form, the secret of life. Whoever undertook a ritual in the Indian world without blowing with a sea shell in all four directions, north, south, east, west and towards sky and earth, brought himself with ignorance into the sin of god. The four directions symbolize the cross of Quetzalcóatl which holds the aspects of being in balance. The tones which sound through the sea shell pay homage to Quetzalteccizli (Master of Sea Shells), because - as described in Indian Sagas - earth was created with a tone been blown through a sea shell. This fantasy fairy tale tells us the world's way of thinking.

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