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    Comparing his 40-year career to that of his ancestors, Tom appears almost upset by the abrupt change in his chosen profession. He has worked long hours, unusual schedules, been confronted by danger, and has had to travel abroad, yet, as he states, there has not been much manual labor. In contrast, his parents and grandparents had to undergo long hours of manual labor, build their own homes, raise crops and livestock, nurse sick animals and children all the while baking bread, sewing clothes, planting and maintaining a garden, and hanging out the washing. All these farming tasks his family had done over the years. However, by the 1960s, times had changed somewhat and when Tom left South Dakota its demanding rural heritage was fading into history. Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

    • The Brokaw family American history
    • Why Tom Brokaw chose to become a broadcaster
    • How Tom Brokaw cultivated his strong personality
    • What everyone can learn from Tom Brokaw's life
    • Why Tom Brokaw is a true American patriot

    ©2015 Patrick Bunker (P)2016 Patrrick Bunker

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