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    Learn now how to manage your time better as a parent!

    Do you wish you had more time as a parent? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or stressed because of everything you have to do? This book shows you 10 ways to make your life more stress-free and help you make ends meet. You'll learn:

    • A little about making a passive income and spending less - more money means more time, right?
    • Ways to make chores with your children fun
    • How to plan more effectively
    • Why consistency can help you control your kids
    • How to balance out your schedule
    • A way to keep a positive attitude
    • And much more!

    V. Noot is a parent and is willing to share what he has learned so far about time management in the family with you. This book contains funny examples and effective tips. So don't wait any longer!

    ©2015 V. Noot (P)2015 V. Noot

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