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    A fast-paced mystery from best-selling author Willow Rose.

    Alexandra wasn't delicate and petite like all the other girls. She did not want to wear dresses or play with dolls. In school, she was mocked, and people thought something was wrong with her. 

    They all thought they were doing what was best for her. The pastor, the therapist, the doctors, and especially her parents thought they were only helping Alexandra when forcing her to wear dresses, act like a girl, and play with dolls instead of cars. 

    Twenty years later, a string of strange deaths occurs in Rebekka Franck's hometown. The bodies' genitals are mutilated. The men are dressed as women and women are dressed as men. 

    Rebekka Franck is back at Zeeland Times when the first bodies appear, and soon, she realizes a ruthless serial killer is roaming the streets of the small coastal town. A killer with a message. 

    Thirteen, Fourteen...Little Boy Unseen is a story about how being accepted for whom you are while growing up is vital for every child. It is the seventh book in Willow Rose's best-selling Rebekka Franck series.

    Grab a copy today.

    ©2014 Willow Rose (P)2020 Willow Rose

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