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    When Sally's husband dies in a freak tractor accident, she is devastated, but not for the reasons most people thought. Secretly, quietly, Sally is glad he is gone, and she detests herself for having such hideous complicated thoughts. Jim had unknowingly broken her dreams, for there was always an undercurrent to her, a mismatched sexual electrical wire that no rancher could ever understand. By the time he had gotten her pregnant, well, she resented him for trapping her into a life she desperately wanted to escape from.

    Life as a single mother and reluctant rancher is taking its toll on Sally when a mysterious stranger responds to a help wanted post she placed at the local feed store. Sensing he would be a significant upgrade, she hires him and fires the two worthless ranch hands currently working for her. Besides fulfilling Sally's need for an all-purpose can-do worker, Ramiro also proves to be good at helping her family rebuild itself. To her surprise, Sally finds herself falling in love with Ramiro, but resists acting on her feelings for fear of being rejected and causing the resulting awkwardness to ruin what they have. How could she know that fate has other plans?

    ©2016 Jane Brooke (P)2017 Jane Brooke

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