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The Undead Day 12

Autor: R. R. Haywood
Sprecher: Joe Jameson
Serie: The Undead, Titel 12
Spieldauer: 15 Std. und 1 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction, Horror

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A Message from The Author

Writing The Undead is a humbling experience. I am eternally grateful to the readers and listeners for the incredible support you always show.

Dan Morgan superbly narrated Parts 1 to 10, but unfortunately he was not able to continue. To my delight, the wonderfully talented Joe Jameson has now taken the series on. His range and skills are superb.

I am aware of the feedback about the voice of one of my characters, Dave. If this change has upset your listening experience then I can only apologise, but both Joe and I, and everyone at Audible, have listened to the points you made and take them very seriously. It is a wonderful thing to have such responsive fans, so willing to listen and work to make it better, plus the interactive nature of the series means you the listener can speak out and say what you like and don't like, otherwise how would we know?

We've got some cracking days ahead of us. Some real stonking rip-roaring storylines to come and both Joe and I can only hope you'll stay with us on this journey.

Take care,

RR Haywood.

Howie and Marcy fight their way back into the fort to rescue Lani, only to find her on a killing spree. Her body made weak by the incessant and relentless purge of the Undead, and believing Howie has betrayed her with Marcy, she now seeks to destroy him and all he loves.

With tensions running high, Maddox and his crews watch on while Howie tries to reason with the woman he thought he loved. She leads him to the armoury, where they are together and alone. She holds a grenade in her hand, ready to detonate.

©2016 R. R. Haywood (P)2016 Audible, Ltd.

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