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The Trading Psychology Collection

Take Control of Your Trading Performance
Autor: LR Thomas
Sprecher: Wayne Chin
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 3 Min.

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In these three best-selling trading psychology books you will find practical, immediately usable strategies to improve the way you trade.

Control Your Inner Trader, Overcome Your Fear in Trading and How to Stop Over-trading solve traders' pressing problem of how to take control of their trading.

They offer implementable solutions, unlike most other trading psychology books which are overly complex and vague. They draw on the experience of a trading veteran who is also a qualified therapist. The behavioral and therapeutic techniques included are easy for anyone to follow.

"Excellent short book on changing your trading from result oriented to process oriented. This is an excellent way of conquering your fear in trading. Also a very good section on EFT exercises that can be used to help with all mental blocks that come from fear. On my way to reading her other books now."

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