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    In this audio, famed spiritual leader Rajmani Tigunait gives an overview of the Vedas - their history and essence. Tigunait's lecturing style is energetic, and his voice is lively and steady. He begins this audio by contextualizing the Vedas in history, explaining that they are integral to the spiritual and cultural identity of India. His lecture broadens to include a more general explanation of Vedic wisdom, making the point that the Vedas are mother of all spiritual traditions, and therefore relevant to all who wish to deepen their spiritual lives. Tigunait's lecture will not only give listeners a better sense of these ancient and complicated philosophies, but will encourage listeners to incorporate Vedic practices in their daily lives to gain greater peace, harmony, and happiness.


    Thousands of years ago, self-realized masters compiled their direct experiences and inner wisdom in the form of the Vedas. This presentation gives you the key to make the universal, non-sectarian teachings of these ancient scriptures an integral part of your life.

    Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, explains how the essence of the Vedas directs you to awaken your own inner fire and become a light to yourself and the worlds, and how to live a life of harmony and happiness.

    ©2002 Himalayan Institute (P)2002 Himalayan Institute

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