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    Do you want to discover the secret to build your self-confidence that help you to change your life? Then keep reading!

    This long-awaited audiobook of Dr. Harry Vitale, contains valuable information on brain plasticity, on forgiveness, mindfulness, and cultivating loving, kindness, and compassion.

    The first step toward confidence is to determine precisely where you’re missing it and the beliefs and behaviors holding you back. Next, you need to deconstruct old ways of thinking and patterns that keep you bound to the status quo and prevent you from taking confident action. Finally, you need to develop new mindsets and skills to practice regularly in order to rebuild your confidence muscle and help you develop into the self-assured, pro-active, confident person you want to be. As you practice new thoughts and behaviors, you’re actually creating new neural pathways in your brain, supporting your real-world efforts.

    In this audiobook, you will learn:

    • What is self-esteem
    • Causes of low self-esteem
    • The surprising truth about your self-worth
    • Factors that influence your perception of yourself
    • Great habits to raise your self-esteem
    • What does not determine your self-worth
    • Tips you can follow to start conquering self-esteem
    • A few different ways to begin carrying on with conscious life
    • Effective ways to handle and replace unhelpful thoughts
    • How joy and self-acknowledgment work together
    • How meditation build self-confidence
    • And so much more...

    The self-confidence you’ve always dreamed of having is so much more attainable than you think. The strategies, tips and tactics in this audiobook will propel you from constantly doubting your abilities or talking yourself out of going after your dreams to acting with self-assurance and poise and taking the action you need to achieve your ambitions.

    Give you a chance to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem!

    This is the right day to change your future!

    Get this audiobook now with confidence, and don't let low self-esteem keep you from getting the best out of your life!

    ©2019 Alberto Dolce (P)2020 Alberto Dolce

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