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    A deeper understanding and insight of life before the modern era. 

    Archaeology is the study of the human past from its material remains and, therefore, can make use of every conceivable subject in both the arts and sciences. This factor gives it wide appeal and allows everyone to be involved. However, it also inevitably means that nobody can "know it all". Increasingly, archeology is used to study aspects of life in well-documented periods that were simply not written about directly. For example, the daily life of ordinary people. Many travelers no longer want a simple beach holiday, instead, they want to be inspired, to see some of the wonders of the ancient world, explore a culture's past, and find out a bit more about their ancestors and themselves.

    Book chapters includes:

    • What archaeology is
    • Understanding what’s primitive study
    • The most famous findings in the world
    • Archaeological wonders of Cyprus
    • Archaeological sites you don't want to miss
    • The A-Z checklist of biblical discoveries
    • The essence of understanding its culture
    • Comparing Cairo vs Luxor vs Alexandria
    • Best tips for an archaeology holiday
    • Learn how to create an archaeology tour
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