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The Science of Self-Learning

How to Use Learning Strategies to Thinking Faster, Learn Yourself Anything, Improve Your Memory and Learning Capabilities
Sprecher: Robert Plank
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The Science of Self-Learning is not only focused on learning but also on a number of other things. However, what it means is that it would be able to direct your own learning. It is possible for anyone to read a book, but reading more books is totally a different thing. You will be able to learn how to deconstruct a particular topic before constructing your own plan and syllabus. You can easily unlock yourself by gathering information, carrying out thorough research, and having a new dialogue with new information.

The other way is to make complex topics less intimidating and painless by breaking them down and making them approachable. Peter Hollins is one of the fresh brains in this field. He has studied peak human performance and psychology for more than a dozen years and is one of the top-rated authors. In addition to that, he has also worked with a number of individuals to unlock their potential for success. Some of his writings have been included in this book to help you when it comes to developing skills and habits that can make you fulfill all your hobby and career goals.

This book will assist you in understanding the learning success pyramid and how the process of learning can be influenced by confidence and self-regulation. Here are some of the important topics that you will be able to learn in this great book:

  • How you can remain motivated and focused on tiring and tedious learning situations
  • The scientific techniques that can help your brain to absorb and retain more 
  • The art of speed reading
  • How to read and comprehend a text fast
  • How to be able to extract information from a text while reading fast

As a person, you definitely have multiple careers under your name. You can only adapt and keep up to these careers through self-learning. The only thing that is given in life is the fact that it will change. Moods change. Seasons change, and you will also change. Whatever occurs, you will have to adapt to the new circumstances. Survival of the fittest is not just a fact that is only found in science textbooks, but it happens in day to day life of a person. The ability to learn is what will determine whether you swim or sink.

Gain a competitive edge and enrich yourself by learning how to learn. You will be able to find all that in this great book. Grab your copy today!

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