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    Four chilling true crime stories in one collection, from the best-selling author Ryan Green.

    Volume two contains some of Green’s most fascinating accounts of violence, abuse, deception, and murder. Within this collection, you'll receive: Obeying Evil: The Mockingbird Hill Massacre Through the Eyes of a Killer, the shocking true story of Ronald Gene Simmons and the most disturbing family killing spree in the United States. During the Christmas Holidays in 1987, the retired Air Force Master Sergeant executed 16 people, 14 of which were members of his family. This included his daughter, whom he had sexually abused, and the child he had fathered with her. 

    The Truro Murders: The Sex Killing Spree Through the Eyes of an Accomplice: James Miller, an aging misfit, meets his one true love - Christopher Worrell, a young, charismatic sociopath - in prison. Miller stops at nothing to meet the demands of his sadistic friend in an attempt to take the relationship to another level.

    Sinclair: The World's End Murders Through the Eyes of a Killer: The naked bodies of two teenage girls were discovered the morning after a night out in Edinburgh. No attempt had been made to conceal their bodies. They were six miles apart, and both girls had been beaten, gagged, tied, raped, and strangled.

    You Think You Know Me: The True Story of Herb Baumeister and the Horror at Fox Hollow Farm: Herb Baumeister was a husband, father of three, and successful businessman - but he was hiding a very dark secret. In June 1996, police uncovered the remains of eleven bodies within the family estate.

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    ©2018 Ryan Green (P)2018 Ryan Green

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