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    This audiobook opens with the story of Jesus and his disciples crossing the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus rebukes the wind and waves of a deadly storm (Mark 4:37-40). According to J.C. Ryle, this story is full of instructions for all of us. 

    He explains under five headings what we are to learn: 

    1. Christ’s service will not secure us against troubles.
    2. The Lord Jesus Christ is truly man as well as God.
    3. Believers may have much weakness, yet still be true believers.
    4. Christ has all power.
    5. Christ is full of kindness toward his people. 

    Ryle ends with a description of his purpose in writing: “I want believers to know Jesus better that they may be more happy, more holy, and more meet (fit) for the inheritance of the saints in light.”

    Public Domain (P)2020 Felipe Chavarro Polania

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