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    Have you ever felt that your business is going nowhere? Perhaps it was doing great in its early years but, now, is stagnating at every level. Stagnation can be a rather dangerous state to be in, perhaps more so than being reckless with your decisions for the entire company?

    Think of running a business as you are climbing a mountain. Each step you make forward brings you one-step closer to the peak. However, along the way, you might encounter “false peaks”, long stretches of flat nothing where you may be seemingly moving forward but not always for the better.

    In addition, with false peaks there is the danger of stepping into a cliff. In other words, if you are not careful, everything is going downhill from that point forward.

    Why do businesses fail? That would be the primary question that anyone serious in their trade should ask. The answer lies in change or, to be more specific, one’s response to it.

    Change is always a constant element in business. It’s what drives things to be better, faster, and more convenient as the years pass. Without it, technology and practices in ever industry would be stuck in the 1800's or earlier.

    As such, one’s response to change can make or break a business and this dependent on leadership’s feelings towards change. If you feel that your business is seemingly going downhill, it is still not too late to make some course corrections and this audiobook just provide you with all the help that you can need.

    This audiobook will tackle several important leadership issues, which includes the following:

    • The importance of change in Leadership and Organizations
    • The Principles of Successful Change Management
    • How leadership vision can guide the entire business
    • Making a difference
    • Self-Discipline - Self-discipline in the work-place
    • Communicating change to employees and helping them adapt to it
    • Managing people and stress
    • Applying change on one’s own habits and behavior in the business

    To help you get a better grasp at change-ready leadership, this audiobook will also provide examples on how other businesses themselves were able to embrace change in their own structure and became better for it. The principles discussed here will also be supported by accurate numerical and graphical data to help listeners understand that change does produce hard, incontrovertible results if applied properly in any business.

    Lastly, this audiobook will also delve into how leaders can apply their new vision for the business in the most diplomatic way possible. After all, you cannot expect everyone in the business to readily accept change; especially if they feel that whatever system is in effect right now still works and does not need replacement. But making them see things from your perspective (while respecting theirs) might just do the trick in making everyone see the rationale behind this new vision.

    If you feel that you and your business right now, needs course correction so that it can be more responsive towards change, then listen on and delve into the world of change management.

    In this guide also, you will learn the central aspects of leadership and self-discipline, and the practical steps you can take to improve your skills. Leadership is a complex process, and no matter how much experience you have leading groups, you will gain a new understanding of the topic that will allow you to hone your skills.

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    ©2019 Dr. Felicity Gray (P)2020 Dr. Felicity Gray

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