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The Rape of Lucrece

Sprecher: David Ian Davies
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 48 Min.

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In this classic Shakespearian text, the Bard gives his take on Ovid's tale of "The Rape of Lucrece", an ancient Roman story of sexual violence, tragedy, and political intrigue. Written in 1594, this is one of Shakespeare's lesser-known works, though still amongst his most beautiful. David Ian Davies gives an extraordinary performance. He really proves his ability as one of the world's most capable audiobook thespians. Fraught with turmoil and beautiful language, this Shakespeare performance is not to be missed.


David Ian Davies performs this unique and exciting reading of William Shakespeare's erotic poem, The Rape of Lucrece. It describes the inflamed lust of Tarquin, a Roman lord, in his quest to brutally possess the virginal Lucrece, and the fair love of his closest friend Collatine. This verse is attempted only by the most accomplished of voice actors and is not currently available on cassette or CD.
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