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The Railway Man

Autor: Eric Lomax
Sprecher: John McCarthy
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 49 Min.
Kategorien: Geschichte, Asien

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A naive young man, a railway enthusiast and radio buff, was caught up in the fall of the British Empire at Singapore in 1942. He was put to work on the "Railway of Death": the Japanese line from Thailand to Burma. Exhaustively and brutally tortured by the Japanese for making a crude radio, Lomax was emotionally ruined by his experiences. Almost 50 years after the war, however, his life was changed by the discovery that his interrogator, the Japanese interpretor, was still alive. Their reconciliation is the culmination of this extraordinary story.
© Eric Lomax; (P) Random House


"His graceful and restrained account of how the two men eventually became 'blood-brothers' after Lomax granted Takeshi full forgiveness is deeply moving." ( Publishers Weekly)

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