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The Psychology of Good and Evil: Understanding Extraordinary Behavior from Altruism to Atrocities

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Have you met a true hero? We’ve all read about truly bad people. Why do some people do extraordinary good while others choose evil? Are we responsible for our actions? What impact do genetics and upbringing have on moral choices? What does science show us about altruism, prejudice, authority, and group influence?  

You will explore these and many other provocative questions in Professor Catherine A. Sanderson’s 15-lecture audio course, The Psychology of Good and Evil.

An award-winning psychology professor and celebrated author, Prof. Sanderson is known for her deep knowledge of current research as well as her humorous and engaging teaching style. This course is characteristic of her oeuvre: well-crafted, carefully articulated, thoroughly researched, and targeted to our historical moment. 

Throughout the course, Prof. Sanderson alludes to the social ills and global conflicts that you hear about on the nightly news. Her elucidation of research from the fields of psychology, biology, and neuroscience will also help you put names to the positive and negative behavioral phenomena you’ve experienced in your own life.

Early on, you’ll learn how scientists define the notions of good and evil - concepts that are prone to oversimplification. From there, you’ll explore complex and fascinating questions about the predictors of such behavior. The knowledge you’ll glean this course will help you better understand yourself and the society in which you live.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection and includes a free PDF study guide.

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"Catherine Sanderson is an electrifying speaker. Armed with a commanding stage presence that few can match, she delivers outstanding, highly energized lectures with inimitable style, heartfelt honesty and genuine intellectual panache. Prof. Sanderson navigates...The Psychology of Good and Evil in a riveting, multifaceted and enlightening way that always leaves her audiences spellbound." (Marc Lapadula, MA, MFA, senior lecturer, The Film and Media Studies Program at Yale University)

"Catherine Sanderson's intelligence and work on The Psychology of Good and Evil are renowned throughout the academic community and the popular media. In addition, Dr. Sanderson is widely recognized for her tremendously engaging speaking style. This topic, combined with her dynamic, charming personality, will captivate audiences of all ages and interests." (Karen Huffman, emeritus professor of psychology at Palomar College, San Marcos, CA)

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