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    "You can't shoot me, you're a preacher."

    "I haven't always been a preacher. You and I have unfinished business from before I became a preacher." The Preacher spoke softly, "I'm not gonna kill you. In fact, I'm gonna forgive you for what you did to my wife and me. However, I do require that you walk over to the sheriff's office and turn yourself in."

    "I ain't going no place with you." said the man. The Preacher stood, waiting calmly with his hand hovering over his pistol. The man blinked his eyes, trying to remove the sweat trickling down his face. "I'll see you in hell!" yelled the man. His hand twitched and he went for his gun.

    ©2015 J.C. Hulsey (P)2015 Outlaws Publishing

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