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    In these riotous revisionist plays, The Penny Dreadfuls present alternative takes on three icons, ably assisted by guests including Miles Jupp, Mark Heap, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Amanda Abbington and Sylvester McCoy. 

    In The Penny Dreadful’s Present: Le Carré on Spying, we follow David Cornwell’s (Le Carré’s real name) desperate efforts to uncover the latest mole in the secret service. John F Kennedy's official visit to Berlin looms, and the pressure is on to get to the truth.  

    In The Penny Dreadful’s Present: Don Quixote, Cervantes' mighty tome has been condensed into an hour's entertainment. Join peasant Sancho and the man who thinks he's a knight locked in a quest to save those who don't want saving, and unravel enchantments which may or may not only exist in their minds. 

    In The Penny Dreadful’s Present: Hadrian’s Beard, Emperor Hadrian’s instinct is to protect himself and Rome with a wall, but will the locals fall into line? 

    Produced by Julia McKenzie.

    ©2019 BBC Worldwide Ltd (P)2019 BBC Worldwide Ltd

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