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    A nuclear chain reaction is one of the most powerful forces known to mankind. Its energy feeds other reactions, creating endless possibilities for self-sustaining growth. Imagine harnessing this kind of energy in business - what if you could create your own nuclear effect? 

    It’s easy to feel trapped when you start an online business, stuck in a tug-of-war between success and the requirements for continued growth. The more you progress, the more money you need. Your company’s bank account mirrors your own emotions in a roller coaster of inconsistency and instability - you’ve left the rat race only to find yourself on a six- or seven-figure hamster wheel. 

    In The Nuclear Effect, Scott Oldford shows you how to free yourself from this cycle, scale a profitable, multimillion-dollar business, and keep the money you make. By following Scott’s six pillars of sustainable growth, you will create the momentum your business needs to become an unstoppable force. 

    ©2020 Scott Oldford (P)2020 Lioncrest Publishing

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