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    Teach your children the wonders of imagination with these 18 fun bedtime stories!

    Bedtime stories are a great way to help children relax at the end of the day, improve their imagination and creativity, and instill a love of stories at an early age. Research shows that reading to kids boosts their academic achievement and creates cherished memories which they’ll remember forever.

    Children will love these 18 bedtime stories, each one taking them on a new and unique journey and teaching them a vital moral lesson. 

    From stories in fantastical places with talking animals and magical creatures to stories about daily life, these tales are the perfect way for children to unwind at the end of the day and stimulate their imaginations!

    Here's why you would love this book:

    • Ideal for bedtime stories, group listening, and one-on-one
    • Suitable for all ages, especially two to five
    • Great for both boys and girls

    Inside this audiobook, you’ll find these tales:

    • The Cozy Cabin
    • The Magic Mermaid
    • Squirrel Squabbling
    • The Gnome and the Moon Fairy
    • Emma’s Camping Trip
    • The Box Village
    • The Carefree Toad
    • The Pumpkin Prince
    • The Troll Who Didn’t Want To Be Scary
    • The Vain Sea Scallop
    • The Tooth Fairy Contest
    • The Dog Who Climbed Trees
    • Castles and Witches and Knights
    • The Dragon Who Was Afraid To Fly
    • Bossy Bella the Butterfly
    • The Roof Garden and the Magic Bee
    • Fearful Zach and the Magic Globe
    • And The Magician With No Magic

    So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today!

    ©2019 Joanna White (P)2019 Joanna White

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