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The Money Deception - What Banks & Governments Don't Want You to Know

Money Power, Banking Rules & Secrets Exposed. The Money Education & Makeover Guide.
Autor: Thomas Herold
Sprecher: Ken Strecker
Spieldauer: 8 Std. und 2 Min.

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In this startling new audiobook, Mr. Herold provides the most sophisticated insight and shocking details about the current monetary system. Never before has the massive manipulation of money caused so much despair and income inequality all over the world. This audiobook unveils more than 20 secret methods used by banks, governments, and corporations to legally steal 90 percent of your income. 

Brilliantly authored and astoundingly easy to understand, this audiobook is an eye-popping exposure of the most sophisticated fraud in the history of mankind.  

  • Why the current monetary system stands before the abyss 
  • The magic trick how banks create money out of thin air 
  • The myth of GDP growth and what really causes it 
  • The physiological methods by which advertisers and insurances get your money 
  • Will the government soon be forced to support universal basic income? 
  • Why Bitcoin is not a practical investment tool and will soon vanish 
  • Why cryptocurrencies could free us from central banks and government regulations 
  • Why a resource-based economy could be the solution and make money obsolete 
  • What you can do right now to shift from a money mind-set to wealth creation  

More than eight years in the making....

In spite of the frightening facts, it also provides remarkable and simple solutions to create abundance for all people. This is a must-listen if you want to survive the global monetary transformation that’s underway right now.

©2018 Thomas Herold (P)2018 Thomas Herold


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