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    The slap you in your face, stop you in your tracks, colour run from your face moment that changed everything.

    Six speakers from across the globe unravel the moment that redefined how they perceive themselves and how they view the world – put together with arresting sound design. These aren't stories of individuals making decisions that inadvertently changed the course of their lives. These are completely unexpected, shake-you-awake moments of radical realisation. One that they didn’t see coming – and told exclusively in their own words.

    A Whistledown production for Audible Originals.

    This is an Audible Original Podcast. Free for members. You can download all 6 episodes to your Library now.

    Der Kauf dieses Podcast gibt Ihnen Zugriff auf mindestens sechs Folgen, die bereits veröffentlicht sind oder noch veröffentlicht werden. Audible-Abonnenten haben kostenlosen Zugriff auf den Podcast.

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