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    "It always amazes me when people say erotica writers can't have a substance or are the basest form of literature. Molly Synthia not only described the sex scenes using more than the standard verbiage to describe a physical sensation that shouldn't be summed up in a few small "it was amazing" type statements. She broke the experience down to the sensations felt in every nerve".

    That’s from Michel Prince’s review of Coffee Shop Girl, just one of the five stories in this collection from best-selling erotica author Molly Synthia.

    Who says erotica can’t have substance along with the sexiness?

    Who says you have to sacrifice the explicit in order to have depth?

    Anyone who says that needs to listen to this collection.

    1. Coffee Shop Girl: An FFM Threesome Sex Erotica Story: Best-selling erotica author Molly Synthia brings a beautiful story of a man, his wife, and the girl they both love together. With transcendent language that’s somehow enhanced by the clear and explicit erotic descriptions, she presents the origin and the development of the ménage a trois in such a way that the reader, too, will fall in love with Caitlin, the princess-haired girl that so captivates Rosemary and Clarence Carella. It’s Molly at her best, and her best is both beautiful and stimulating.
    2. Cornered by the Coven: A Group Sex Erotica Story with the Girls in Charge: Best-selling erotica author Molly Synthia likes to think a little bit backwards. What would happen if a man was made to understand how it really feels for a girl in the middle of one of those rough gangbangs on the Internet? Garrett is about to find out. He’s a jealous husband and particularly curious about his wife’s group of friends. She invites him to spy, to set his mind at ease. Melanie has a plan of her own, though, a plan that involves Garrett pleasing her whole group of friends while he’s all tied up!
    3. Daisy’s Experience: An Explicit Erotic Romance: Daisy is trying her best to get away from the big city, and she ends up in Experience, Texas. Confident and assured, she nonetheless finds herself almost swooning over the handsome cowboy Matt. In this sweet and steamy story, Daisy finds herself experiencing Experience in ways she never expected, on the shores of Matt’s favorite fishing hole. It’s sweet; it’s sexy, and it’s all Molly Synthia.
    4. Innocence Configuration: A Science Fiction Erotica Story: Best-selling erotica author Molly Synthia presents a story of the perceived value of innocence and what men might do to obtain it. Erica awakens in a wooden crate and the man in front of her seems pleased. Why wouldn’t he be? She’s wholesome. She’s beautiful. She’s completely inexperienced and untouched. He paid good money for that, a lot of it. Just how much is innocence worth, though, when the programming is stronger than he can handle?
    5. Ten on Each Cheek: An Erotic Spanking Short: Hannah’s marriage is over. The divorce papers have just arrived. It’s generous deal from her rich lawyer husband, but he wants the house, and Hannah won’t let it go. When Rick arrives to talk it over, none of Hannah’s normal tricks can convince him. Then, Rick makes an offer of his own. Hannah can have the house. All it will take is ten on each cheek. Ten smacks his bare hand on her bare ass...

    Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity.

    It includes public sex, oral sex, first lesbian sex, first anal sex, lesbian sex, reluctant sex, rough sex, bondage, spanking, husband share, reverse gangbang sex, group sex, FFM threesome sex, and seduction.

    It is intended for mature listeners who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

    ©2014 Mmmmore Productions (P)2019 Naughty Daydreams Audio

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