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    The T-RRIBLE is back in a new, special Christmas adventure. A naughty T-RRIBLE wants to ruin Christmas! He has stolen both Father Christmas' nice list and his naughty list! What is going to happen? Will Oliver and the T-RRIBLE save the day? This is the lighter version of The T-RRIBLE 2, which is for older children age six to nine.

    With his new book, The Mini T-RRIBLE 2, children's author J.N. Paquet, as in his previous children's books, has created yet another story that stimulates children to engage with their own imaginations. They will have enjoyable listening experiences either with their parents, teacher or educator, or on their own. The educational aim is to drive bilingual fun learning and reading comprehension through an extraordinary story. Among other moral values, the story promotes teamwork and friendship; explains how important it is to accept and embrace our own differences, as well as those of others; and, most importantly, teaches about redemption and forgiveness. Although it was written for all children age three to six, it has a special appeal to children living in bilingual families. Learning from each other and accepting one another is all that is needed to build a better world...right here on Earth!

    ©2015 J.N. PAQUET (P)2015 JNPAQUET Books Ltd

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