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    The fifth book in the Feedback Loop series - death, betrayal, new beginnings. This action-packed, sci-fi gamelit fantasy series has it all.

    Quantum Hughes and the rest of the Dream Team are in for a serious awakening when tragedy strikes the team. Finding Strata Godsick's son isn't as easy it they originally thought it would be, and real world repercussions seem to put a damper on everything they do. This on top of the fact that they're being hunted in both the Proxima Galaxy and the real world only raises the stakes even higher.

    Ultima Thule, a rebirth, a death, a betrayal, a mysterious Reaper - this is the book that turns hunters to hunted, innocent to guilty, friends to enemies, the expected to the unexpected.  

    The Soundbooth Theater team for this production:    

    • Jeff Hays - Narration
    • Dalton Lynne - Proofing
    • Ahmed Mahmoud - Music, Editing and Mastering
    ©2016 Harmon Cooper (P)2019 Harmon Cooper

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