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    This "quick fix" guide will give you the inside information on how to do business and cope with business socialising in Russia.

    Sir Winston Churchill famously said "Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma". This guide should be subtitled "Decoding the enigma - how to do business with Russians."

    This guide will help to demystify the enigma, explains the Russian philosophy of doing business and gives invaluable information on why it is so important to respect their attitudes to Western businesses.

    The Lowdown: Business Etiquette - Russia guide will give you practical tips on how to navigate your way through a business trip to Russia, how to behave and how NOT to behave in both business and business socialising situations to ensure that you maximise your time in Russia or in dealing with your Russian business colleagues and make you a greater asset to your company and your profession.

    Topics Covered Include:

    How to understand and build a business relationship
    How to navigate your first business meeting - what to do and what NOT to do!
    How Russia's business culture differs to the West.
    Useful tips on what to research and prepare for your trip.
    How to cope with social invitations and understand their critical importance in a business relationship
    A list of useful phrases

    ©2008 Creative Content (P)2008 Creative Content


    "I was impressed by new audio company Creative Content�s offerings. In a world where business is so global, they focus on helping businesspeople make the most of their negotiations by making them aware of the way to behave in the country they�re in. THE LOWDOWN: BUSINESS ETIQUETTE CHINA (Creative Content, download only, £5.99 is read by Lorelei King and Trevor White and clearly explains the Chinese philosophy of doing business and their attitudes to �face� (mianzi) and �networking� (guanxi). There�s information on what to do and what not to do in meetings, why colours and numbers are important in Chinese culture and how to deal with social invitations. In a world where �respect� has become almost a dirty word, this is a timely reminder that a little of it can go a long way in helping the world turn beneficially. BUSINESS ETIQUETTE RUSSIA is in the same series. Load onto your iPod and travel well!"( Daily Express Reviewer)

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