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    The Love Trials 3 is the final book in the explosive Love Trials Serial.

    There will be one last book that ties up the ending of The Love Trials, The Ex Games, and The Private Club!

    Love. Sex. Games. Betrayal.

    The Lovers’ Academy drew Nancy in with a letter. A letter that symbolized love. Only, Nancy had no idea that the reason she’d received an invitation had nothing to do with love. When Nancy met Jaxon Cade, she was confused by her animal attraction to him. When he became her teacher, he began to show her what love and seduction was all about. However, there was a dangerous air that surrounded him that both thrilled and scared her.

    Then someone at the Lovers’ Academy died and Nancy’s world was turned upside down. All of a sudden she has no idea who to trust and what the Lovers’ Academy is all about. While her heart is broken, she needs to ensure that her brain is on at all times. Nancy realizes that she doesn’t really know any of the people surrounding her and that the journey of love and games is only just beginning. One wrong move and Nancy might find out that she’s the latest victim in the trials of love.

    ©2014 J. S. Cooper (P)2014 J. S. Cooper

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